Monday, June 23, 2008

What DOES Carlotta Create?

Lately I create blogs. But in my many incarnations of creativity I have- and still can- create naturecrafts (dried and pressed florals, potpourri, sachets, etc.), essential oil blends, soaps and bath items, wedding accessories, knit, crochet, loom knit, sewn items, mixed media art, papercrafts (rubber stamps, papermaking, cardmaking, scrapbooks, bookbinding/altered books, and paper art), and various other crafts and artistic offerings. Some tangible, some not.

But my longest love has been, and continues to be, Jewelry Design and Creation in all forms; but mostly with gemstones, artisan lampwork beads, and metals.

My tools can rival those of my husband; sometimes he has to ask to borrow mine for a project. And not just little files- I am talking things like my full size Makita rechargeable drill. I love tools as much as I love making jewelry. Wire, hammers, torching, bending and forming. CREATING.

Then there are the gemstones. The transparent ones.The opaque ones. The bright colors. The neutrals. I adore Silver Jasper just as I adore Diamonds. I think they are all beautiful.

My work consists of metals, stones, Artisan Lampwork, and Swarovski Crystal. I am a jewelry snob and I admit it. I have grown tired of poorly anealled Chinese Lampwork, cracking and splitting if looked at wrong if dropped from a height of 4 inches onto a counter. No more cheap imported metal beads that turn out to be lead nightmares. I'll stay with my more known resources, thank you.

I want to be able to stand behind my work. My lampwork is purchased directly from the creating artists. Bali beads from the importers. Gemstones only from trusted sources. Even my metals, if they are not precious gold or silver, can be documented as either lead free or, in the case of vintage or artificially patina'd metals, are sealed (enameled, coated, etc.) and sent with warnings that the items are only for adult handling and have been thoroughly sealed prior to sale.

Feel free to browse the posted pictures of works I have created, and enjoy the creative process involved in producing them. Look for them on my various web commerce sites. And ask questions if you wish, I will answer as thoroughly as possible.



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