Sunday, August 3, 2008

Art Unraveled- Arizona, Here I Come!

Well, did you miss me?
I finally found a wonderful job for a large insurance company as a nurse in their Post-Service Specialty Pharmacy Review unit. I'm the one that sorts through your claims trying to find the documentation that justifies the reason that your practitioner put you on those expensive and/or dangerous medications.

I've been training for 2 weeks, and I have weeks to go. It's intensive and involves lots of computer detective work, and we use 2 monitors at a time.

Thank goodness this was already scheduled WAY in advance.

Every year in August I go for my art recharge. A retreat to beat all retreats for me. It is on my must do must go for each and every year, which is why it was a condition of my employment when I took this job. What is it?

Art Unraveled is a week long gathering of artists of every imaginable skill level, in many mediums. There are classes, make and takes, a shopping extravaganza, silent auctions for charity, trades, student art contests, fellowship, and a big awards dinner. There are private outings to local attractions, a Managers Reception with free wine and beer and where the poor among us make dinner from pretzels and nachos, an indoor water curtain, the Gathering Room to get together and make stuff on your own with friends, the shuttle that takes you within 5 miles of the hotel it is held at for that run to Trader Joe's or Michaels or the nearby mall.

It's my way of recharging my muse.

To get an idea of what Art Unraveled has to offer, go to .

Not surprising that most of my classes are jewelry. I'll be taking the majority with Susan Lenart Kazmer. I'm staying with a friend most of the days I am there so I will try to post updates and pictures while I am there.

If not, I'll tell you all about it when I get home.

Arizona. Art Unraveled. Why else would I purposely go to an area where it is still 90 degrees at Midnight?